Farhan Sohail

Since childhood, I have been deeply interested in sustainability and the efficient utilization of Earth's resources. My passion for understanding how things work naturally led me to pursue formal studies in industrial engineering. This unique combination of engineering expertise and a commitment to sustainability paved the way for my brief tenure at Tesla in Reno, NV. In 2019, I returned to Pakistan with a vision to reduce the country's dependency on food imports. I launched an indoor vertical farm and a mushroom farm to provide the country with the freshest greens and mushrooms. My focus is not only on ensuring the highest quality produce but also on continually testing new technologies, production methods, and products. This ongoing experimentation aims to increase yield and diversify our product portfolio, contributing to a more sustainable and self-sufficient food system in Pakistan.

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2nd Day November 14, 2024
1st Day November 13, 2024