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InternetShine Company is an experienced and passionate group of designers, developers, project managers, writers, and artists. Every client we work with becomes a part of the team. Together we face the challenges and celebrate the victories. We have our offices in Vegas and Noida, India.

Block Tides is a leading PR & Marketing Firm specializing in various services like Growth Hacking, Branding, and Investor Relations, with a focus on Blockchain and emerging technologies. Established in 2016, it collaborates globally, renowned for expertise in Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Web3, with extensive media connections.

StartupNews is a leading digital platform dedicated to India’s startup scene, curating recent developments from various sources into concise snippets. It offers entrepreneurs and investors a comprehensive overview, fostering a deeper understanding of the dynamic startup landscape and aiding informed decision-making.

Khaleej Times, the esteemed and longest-standing media brand, stands as the premier news website in the UAE, renowned for its authoritative coverage and widespread recognition. It remains the go-to destination for innovative perspectives and engaging content, reflecting the dynamic landscape of the region.

The Finance World, a premier finance magazine in MENA, offers comprehensive updates across various business sectors globally. Covering fintech, banking, stock market, digital assets, startups, and more, it caters to dynamic audiences seeking diverse perspectives. Committed to delivering genuine value, it attracts influential readers from the industry.

News Affinity, renowned for its trustworthiness, is a leading source of instant breaking news alerts and trending stories in Tech, Fashion, Gaming, and Hollywood Gossip. With the top digital network in the US and the world’s most syndicated news service, it delivers up-to-the-minute updates globally.

Jagran New Media, part of Jagran Prakashan Limited, serves over 87.8 million users with diverse content across news, education, lifestyle, and entertainment. With over 7000 stories and 40 videos daily, it emphasizes data-driven journalism and fact-checking training from Google News Initiative, delivering meaningful and inspiring content to its audience.

Zexprwire has significantly influenced the landscape of the PR distribution service sector through its unwavering dedication to client assistance. Our ethos revolves around enhancing reach and amplifying visibility, thereby ensuring that our clients attain superior returns on their investment in communication endeavors.

The Plate India is a digital media platform that educates Indians about agriculture and their food. Its team of seasoned journalists provides engaging, insightful, and multimedia stories, tracing India’s agriculture from farm to plate. Encouraging citizens to question leaders and corporations about food and farming issues is vital for a democratic society.

The Women leaders elevates women in business, highlighting stories of leaders globally. With 27.3% of board committee leaders being women, there’s a push to address underrepresentation. Our platform aims to be the go-to source for executives, providing inspiration, industry trends, and discussions on work-life balance. Join us in celebrating diverse women leaders making a difference worldwide.

Whatis research involves systematic investigation to expand knowledge, often resulting in journal publications. Researchers rely on funding from government agencies, private organizations, and fellowships to support their work. Conferences and events provide platforms for knowledge exchange and collaboration among scientists globally. Stay informed about the latest research breakthroughs and developments through news sources worldwide.

Krishak Jagat, a leading agriculture newspaper in India with 2.5 million readers, has been a trusted source for farmers for 74 years. It covers national and state-specific agricultural news, technical information, and farmer stories in three state editions. With a weekly frequency and widespread reach, it provides unbiased insights on agrochemicals, crop protection, seeds, irrigation, machinery, and the latest agricultural technologies.

Launched in July 2006, the specialized agricultural portal has evolved into a central hub for the entire agricultural sector. With its distinctive array of services, Proplanta provides a premium, focused, and adaptable platform for advertising. Take advantage of its widespread recognition, top-notch search engine ranking, and extensive network as an information service provider.

AgriBrasilis is a leading agribusiness portal for Brazil and Latin America, delivering firsthand information on top news, references, and trends in the world’s largest agricultural hub. Our content, including articles, interviews, research, and visits, offers insights into diverse agribusiness sectors.

Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing is a customer-centric provider of top-quality agricultural science content in print and online. We offer a curated scientific database to support the academic and research communities in building a sustainable future.

Farmers Review Africa, from Mailing Times Media, is the foremost farming magazine in Africa, delivering essential updates and analyses on key agricultural issues. It uniquely connects cutting-edge agricultural technology with the practical insights of industry professionals.

Agriculture Today is India’s top agriculture magazine, covering national and global agricultural topics such as biotechnology, farm machinery, and horticulture. It provides insights into market trends, policy matters, and new technologies in the field.

India’s top B2B news hub for the bioscience industry offers comprehensive coverage of sectors like Biotech, Biopharma, Healthcare, and more. It serves as a prime resource for news, trends, expert opinions, and interviews with industry leaders, fostering communication among stakeholders.

At iGrow News, our mission is to address agricultural challenges by disseminating information and showcasing innovative technologies. Since our establishment in 2015, we’ve prioritized delivering accurate and impartial news to provide reliable information for everyone visiting our website.