Our Attendees

Our event is curated for those who prefer quality over quantity. At the Food Tech Congress, we focus on building connections that actually matter. Here, you won’t get lost in a crowd of people that are not entirely relevant to your field. Our attendees are key industry leaders ready to challenge the status quo. Join us and meet 1000+ like-minded innovators, founders, CEOs, investors, corporations and policy shapers on a mission to accelerate the food tech revolution.

Who Attends


At AgriNext, we connect agricultural startups with venture capitalists, private equity firms, and institutional investors who support innovative logistics, transportation, and infrastructure projects in the industry.


At AgriNext, we collaborate with ministries to shape agricultural policies, foster innovation, and promote sustainability. Join us as we work together to address challenges and drive collective action for a resilient agricultural future.

Data Analytics and agriculture

Unlock agricultural potential with data analytics at AgriNext: Revolutionize farming, optimize yields, and cultivate sustainability. Join us to shape the future of agriculture through insightful data-driven strategies

Crop Genetics

Revolutionizing agriculture through Crop Genetics at AgriNext: Innovating for sustainable yields, resilience, and nutrition. Join us to shape the future of farming

Pest Management

Discover cutting-edge pest management solutions for sustainable agriculture at AgriNext. Join us in revolutionizing pest control methods.


Explore hydroponic innovations at AgriNext, revolutionizing agriculture with water-based, nutrient-rich solutions for sustainable and efficient crop production.


Discover Aquaponics: Sustainable agriculture integrating fish and plants, revolutionizing farming with efficient water usage and minimal environmental impact. Join AgriNext!

Greenhouse technology

Discover cutting-edge greenhouse tech at AgriNext: revolutionize agriculture with sustainable solutions, optimize yields, and mitigate environmental impact. Join us to cultivate a greener future

Horticulture and Aquaculture

AgriNext: Advancing horticulture and aquaculture through innovation and sustainability. Join us to shape the future of global food security.

Drones and Technology

AgriNext Spotlighting drones and technology revolutionizing agriculture. Join us to explore efficiency, sustainability, and the future of farming.


AgriNext values media covering agriculture and technology. Join us for industry updates and discussions shaping agriculture's future.


AgriNext champions innovative startups driving transformation in agriculture and technology. Join us to collaborate with industry trailblazers shaping the future


AgriNext spotlights biotechnology's transformative impact on agriculture. Join us to explore breakthroughs driving efficiency, sustainability, and resilience in the industry.

Precision Farming

AgriNext advances precision farming with GPS, drones, and data analytics to optimize yields and promote sustainable practices. Join us to explore!

Robotics and Automation

AgriNext spotlights robotics' transformative impact in agriculture. Explore innovations enhancing productivity, resource management, and farming practices. Join industry leaders shaping the future.

Vertical Farming

Discover the future of farming! Join us at AgriNext to explore cutting-edge vertical farming innovations, network with industry leaders, and revolutionize agriculture. Don’t miss this transformative event!

Climate Control and HVAC System

Discover innovative climate control solutions at AgriNext: optimizing HVAC systems for sustainable agriculture. Join us to explore eco-friendly technologies shaping the future of farming

Lighthing Solution

Illuminate your agricultural future with our innovative lighting solutions. Join us at AgriNext conference to explore how light can revolutionize your farming practices. Don't miss out!

Aeroponic System

Revolutionize agriculture with aeroponic systems: sustainable, efficient, and high-yield. Learn more at AgriNext conference. Join us in shaping the future of farming!

Hydronic system

Join us at AgriNext to explore the latest in hydronic systems. Discover innovative solutions for efficient agricultural heating and cooling. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your farm’s productivity!

Where are our attendees from?

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