Dr. MJ  Khan

Dr. MJ Khan, a prominent figure whose remarkable contributions to the Indian and global food and agriculture industry have left an indelible mark on the sector. Born on November 1st, 1965, in the village of Siyathu, situated in Lakhimpur district, Uttar Pradesh, India, Dr. Khan's journey has been characterized by an unwavering dedication to the agricultural domain. Dr. Khan's academic prowess is truly commendable. He completed his graduation in agriculture from Meerut University, pursued a post-graduation in business management (MBA) from AMU Aligarh, and achieved his Ph.D. in agribusiness management from the esteemed Prescott University in the United Kingdom. Over the course of his illustrious career spanning more than two and a half decades, Dr. Khan has served in various pivotal roles. He lent his expertise to the Government of Uttar Pradesh in the Animal Husbandry department, contributed to the veterinary division of Glaxo India - a global major, worked with the Indian conglomerate EID Parry in the Seeds business, and actively participated in the Indian Agrochemicals Association. Moreover, driven by his passion for empowering stakeholders across the agricultural spectrum, he ventured into the services sector, establishing his own business enterprises to serve the needs of the farming community, agriculture policy makers, and the agribusiness sector. Dr. Khan's trailblazing initiatives have significantly impacted the growth and development of the agricultural landscape. Notably, he founded Concept Agro-tech Consultants Limited, a consulting company that facilitated rapid growth in the agribusiness sector by providing reliable support and guidance. Additionally, he initiated Agripositions.com, an activity that connected numerous agriculture students with job opportunities, fostering a stronger workforce in the field. Recognizing the potential for international collaboration and exchange of expertise, Dr. Khan established the International Agriculture Consulting Group, dedicated to sharing Indian agricultural knowledge with Asian and African countries, promoting stronger ties with India. A true visionary, Dr. Khan played a pivotal role in launching "Agriculture Today" in 1998, a highly esteemed and admired agri magazine in India and globally, reflecting his commitment to spreading valuable insights and information in the agricultural domain. To further support the farming community and agriculture stakeholders, Dr. Khan established the Centre for Agriculture and Rural Development in the year 2000. This initiative has benefited over 500,000 farmers and agriculture stakeholders through extensive training programs, outreach initiatives, workshops, and Agro Tech programs held across different regions of India. Moreover, he was instrumental in forming the Alliance of Indian Farmers Associations, a coalition of major farmers' organizations, giving voice to the concerns and needs of farmers and amplifying their representation. With a strong focus on international engagement, Dr. Khan has led various delegations of agriculture stakeholders to several countries, including Israel, Holland, France, Germany, China, the US, Chile, and Australia, promoting cross-border collaboration and knowledge exchange. His efforts have been recognized and sponsored by various governments and prestigious organizations worldwide. In 2008, Dr. Khan initiated a unique program, which included the Agriculture Leadership Summit, Agriculture Leadership Awards, and the annual publication "Agriculture Year Book" under the Chairmanship of the esteemed scientist Prof. MS Swaminathan. This program aimed to foster partnerships among stakeholders to elevate Indian agriculture and trade, and it led to the establishment of "Bhagidari Agronetwork," facilitating the creation of over 150 Agribusiness Centers in Uttar Pradesh, each 100% owned and managed by individual agriculture entrepreneurs. Throughout his career, Dr. Khan has been a trailblazer, pioneering critical concepts such as the National Policy on Organic Farming, National Extension Policy, North Eastern Agriculture Development Plans, and the Institute of Agribusiness Management. His invaluable contributions extend to over 200 papers authored on various subjects related to food, agriculture, agribusiness, and rural development. Dr. Khan's visionary leadership and innovative approaches have been extensively covered by national media, further underscoring the impact of his exceptional work. He has served in various capacities, including nominations by the Ministry of Agriculture to participate in various committees and governing boards. Under his visionary leadership, the Indian Council of Food and Agriculture was founded in 2015, emerging as a credible and influential organization in the world of food and agriculture. This esteemed institution operates as an apex think tank, policy advocacy, and trade facilitation body, serving as a global platform for partnerships and positioning Indian food and agriculture on the world stage. Dr. MJ Khan's journey is a testament to the power of dedication, innovation, and collaboration in driving progress and transformation in the agricultural landscape.

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