Industry Outlook is a business magazine focusing on primary and secondary industries, right from mining and agriculture to manufacturing, engineering and construction. As India becomes one of the most sought after manufacturing destinations, we are bringing insights from industry leaders who are making it happen. While focusing primarily on India market, the magazine’s coverage also encompasses global manufacturing hubs that have a direct or indirect link with the India market. This is to align our perspective with the global one and keep abreast of the technological and operational advancements brought along by globalization. While there has been an extensive coverage of the tertiary industry or the services sector, no publication has focused adequately on the primary and secondary industries. Industry Outlook has been doing exactly that and it has today become the most reliable source for insights of leaders from these industries. Some of the industries which we have covered so far are Steel, Cement, Mining, Chemical, Industrial Packaging, Agrochemicals, Laser Cutting Machines, Non-destructive testing, Fabrication Services, Industrial Logistics, Material Handling, Agricultural Machines and Tools, Industrial Safety Products, Animal Husbandry, 3D Printing and many more. Our readers have benefitted immensely by getting all the required industrial information at one place. True to its purpose, Industry Outlook provides a holistic view of all the challenges and opportunities in the respective industry. It aims to be the most insightful and authoritative source of industrial information in the country. With an unwavering commitment to providing multi-faceted and highly dependable content, Industry Outlook reaches out to the decision-makers of enterprises, serving as a platform for their peers to share their success stories that can impact businesses and influence strategies.

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