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Unlocking Growth: Why You Can’t Miss Attending Agriculture Events

Agriculture Events is constantly evolving, hence it’s necessary for the persons involved in agriculture to stay updated with the latest trends and technologies. Attending an agriculture event offers plenty of opportunities that can enrich your professional and personal growth.

Here are the Various Reasons to Attend an Agriculture Event


Agricultural events allow you to Connect with fellow industry professionals, experts, and enthusiasts from different parts of the world. Networking opportunities at agriculture events can lead to valuable collaborations, partnerships, and friendships. Whether you’re seeking new business ventures or simply exchanging ideas, networking is a cornerstone of success in the agriculture sector.


No matter how long you have been farming, there is always something new to learn at agricultural events. These events often feature workshops, seminars, and presentations by an esteemed lineup of speakers, offering valuable insights and knowledge, and providing  updates on the latest trends, innovations, and best practices in agriculture.

Celebrating the Winners:

Agriculture events  include award ceremonies to recognize and celebrate achievements in the industry. From innovative technologies to sustainable practices, these awards highlight the outstanding contributions of individuals and organizations to the agriculture sector. Joining in the celebration not only honors the winners but also inspires others to strive for excellence.

Exploring Opportunities:

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, there’s always something new to  learn. These events provide new opportunities for growth, development, and investment in the agriculture sector. From exploring new markets to finding funding for your projects, agriculture events provide a platform to explore a wide range of opportunities that can help advance your career or business.

Attending agricultural events is a valuable investment in one’s growth and success. From networking with industry professionals to learning about the latest innovations, these events offer a wealth of opportunities to advance your career or business. Plus, celebrating the achievements of industry leaders inspires and motivates us all to strive for excellence. Hence we should not miss out the chance to be part of this dynamic community .

Schedule of Top Agriculture & AgTech Events in Dubai 2024

Embark on an exciting journey into the future of agriculture with the “Top Agriculture and AgTech Events to Attend in Dubai in 2024.” These events offer a gateway to the latest advancements in Agricultural Technology (AgTech), covering innovative farming practices, sustainable solutions, and cutting-edge technologies reshaping agribusiness.

Join industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts in Dubai, a hub of innovation, where these events will catalyze discussions, showcase breakthroughs, and foster collaborations.

Stay ahead in the agricultural revolution and immerse yourself in transformative ideas, strategies, and technologies at these must-attend AgTech gatherings.

Mark your Calendars for November 13th and 14th, 2024, as the AgriNext Awards Conference & Expo Arrives in Dubai!

Top 10 Agriculture Events 2024

AgriNext Awards, Conference & Expo

Top 10 Agriculture Events 2024
1 out of Top 10 Agriculture Events 2024

Date: 13-14 November,2024

Location: Le Meridien Dubai Hotel and Conference Centre Airport Rd – Al Garhoud Dubai – United Arab Emirates


Cost: Passes start from USD699 (Free entry into the exhibition area)

AgriNext Awards Conference & Expo is where innovation in agriculture takes centre stage. From cutting-edge technologies to sustainable practices, this event showcases the latest advancements that are shaping the future of farming.

Meet Our Esteemed Speakers at AgriNext Awards Conference & Expo

Get ready to be inspired at the AgriNext Awards, Conference as we welcome renowned speakers like Burak Karslioglu, Amit Grover, Dr MJ Khan, Deepak Prateek, Shashank Kumar, Harold Meijer, Arun Raste and Nadine Benchaffai a trailblazer in sustainable agriculture and technology integration. With expertise spanning crop genetics, agri-business, sustainability, and policy, these speakers will ignite the stage with insights that promise to revolutionize the agricultural landscape. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the best and be part of the agricultural revolution!

AgriNext Awards ,Conference & Expo is a hub of opportunities. Whether you’re looking for funding, seeking investors for your startup, or scouting for new markets, you’ll find a wealth of opportunities to explore and capitalize on.

Above all, AgriNext Awards, Conference & Expo is a source of inspiration. Seeing the passion and dedication of fellow farmers and innovators can reignite your own enthusiasm for agriculture. Whether you’re facing challenges or seeking new directions, this event will leave you feeling inspired and motivated to make a difference in the world of farming.

Agra Middle East Exhibition (AgraME)

2 out of Top 10 Agriculture Events 2024

Date: 7-8 October, 2024

Location: Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai


Agriforum Dubai

3 out of Top 10 Agriculture Events 2024

Date: 9-11 September, 2024

Location: Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Dubai


AgroFarm Middle East (AgroFarm ME)

4 out of Top 10 Agriculture Events 2024

Date: 7-8 October, 2024

Location: Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai


The World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit Dubai

5 out of Top 10 Agriculture Events 2024

Date: 9-10 December, 2024

Location: Conrad Dubai


International Conference on Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA)

6 out of Top 10 Agriculture Events 2024

Date: 5-7 March, 2024

Location: Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre


Gulf Food, Hotel & Equipment Exhibition & Conference Dubai

7 out of Top 10 Agriculture Events 2024

Date: 19-23 February, 2024

Location: Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai


4th Meeting on Food Nutrition and Nutraceuticals 2024

8 out of Top 10 Agriculture Events 2024

Date: 12 February, 2024


Interpretation and Enforcement of Construction Contracts for Industrial Plants 2024

9 out of Top 10 Agriculture Events 2024

Date: 14 January 2024

Location: Dubai, UAE

Website: https://[email protected]

International Crop-Science Conference & Exhibition 2024

10 out of Top 10 Agriculture Events 2024

Date: 08-09 Feb, 2024

Location: Dubai



These events promise more than just gatherings; they are gateways to a sustainable, tech-driven agricultural revolution. As you mark your calendars for these transformative gatherings, anticipate a journey that goes beyond the conventional, propelling agriculture into a realm where technology, innovation, and sustainability converge. The future of farming awaits in Dubai, and these events are your tickets to be at the forefront of this exciting transformation.”

AgriNext Conference: Cultivating Innovation in Agriculture and Technology

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 The AgriNext Awards  Conference stands as a pinnacle assembly dedicated to propelling advancements in agriculture and technology. Engage with global leaders, forward-thinking entrepreneurs, and influential innovators as we unlock the potential of these sectors, fostering sustainable growth and forging lasting partnerships. 

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