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Meet the Innovators: The Exhibitors of AgriNext Awards, Conference & Expo 2024

Event Overview

AgriNext Awards conference & Expo, one of the most anticipated agricultural events of the year, will take place at the Dubai Plaza on November 13th and 14th, 2024. This premier event aims to bring together the brightest minds and leading innovators in the agriculture industry to showcase cutting-edge advancements in sustainability, vertical farming, and technology.

At AgriNext, attendees will have the opportunity to explore a wide array of innovations designed to address the pressing challenges facing modern agriculture. From smart farming solutions and high-tech equipment to sustainable practices and vertical farming techniques, AgriNext is a hub for forward-thinking agricultural solutions.The event will feature interactive exhibits, engaging demonstrations, and insightful discussions that highlight the latest trends and breakthroughs in the sector. Whether you’re a farmer, agribusiness professional, researcher, or enthusiast, AgriNext offers something for everyone, making it an essential destination for those looking to stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of agriculture.

AgriNext Awards,Conference & Expo

Exhibitor Profiles

AgriNext brings together a diverse array of exhibitors at the forefront of agricultural innovation. Here’s a closer look at some of the notable exhibitors you’ll encounter:

A Banana Company

A-Banana Company is renowned for its commitment to sustainable banana farming practices. They have pioneered techniques that not only enhance yield but also ensure minimal environmental impact. Their booth will showcase their latest advancements in sustainable agriculture.

Next Business Media – Empowering Impactful Business Connections

Based in Noida, India, led by CEO Anas, this company reshapes industry landscapes through innovative leadership and impactful events, connecting agribusinesses with the latest market trends, innovations, and insights through various media channels. Attendees can learn about their comprehensive suite of information services designed to empower the agriculture sector.

Internet Shine – IT Outsourcing Company – IT Service Company

At the cutting edge of agricultural technology, offering smart farming solutions that leverage IoT, AI, and big data. They help businesses elevate their value through custom software development, product design, QA, and consultancy services.

Their exhibit will demonstrate how technology can revolutionize traditional farming practices.

The Smart Farmers

The Smart Farmers aim to provide essential resources for sustaining life and improving environmental conditions for future generations. They focus on creating innovative agricultural solutions through modern farming practices. Their goal is to achieve a sustainable world and agriculture by combining innovative approaches with ecological awareness, ensuring a healthy world for future generations.


Crop cultivation demands accurate, precise, and consistent inspection in the field and elsewhere. For virtually all crops, inspection is a manual process performed by trained experts through visual assessment. The challenges with crop inspection, or any visual inspection regime, include the time and effort required, finding qualified inspectors to perform inspections with the necessary frequency, and obtaining consistent, precise, and accurate data from multiple inspectors. Bloomfield applies AI and deep learning to complement the work of crop inspectors by identifying and assessing the same plant characteristics and anomalies that human visual inspection currently looks for and assesses.


Committed to autonomous vertical farming, offering fully automated food production with a reduced environmental footprint. Their booth will highlight their autonomous mobile robot and vertical farming systems.Seasony’s autonomous mobile robot represents a significant and necessary shift from manual labour to fully automated food production with a reduced environmental footprint.

Eight Orbit Urban Farms

Integrates farming into urban landscapes, advancing controlled environment agriculture (CEA) with innovative technologies, contributing to sustainable agriculture and job creation in Africa.

Elite Agro Projects

Elite Agro Projects is a specialist agriculture EPC company in the UAE with International reach in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Malaysia with a proven track record. A leader in large-scale agricultural projects, specializing in designing and managing extensive, sustainable agricultural operations. They are a preferred service provider for custom-building farming facilities and equipment installation.Their expertise in project management and innovative farming techniques will be on full display at their booth.

Farm to Plate

Connects farmers directly with consumers, focusing on transparency, quality, and sustainability in the food supply chain. Their initiatives aim to make the journey from farm to plate more efficient and transparent.With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by farmers, food manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, as well as the importance of government support and consumer needs, the Company is dedicated to driving positive change across the entire food supply chain.

The Benefits of Exhibiting at the AgriNext Awards Conference

Why You Should Exhibit at the AgriNext Awards Conference to Showcase Your Agricultural Innovations

Reach a Targeted Audience

The AgriNext Awards Conference attracts a specialized audience deeply involved in the agricultural sector, including farmers, industry leaders, and technology innovators. Exhibiting at AgriNext allows you to present your agricultural innovations to a targeted group that is actively seeking new solutions and advancements. This focused exposure can lead to higher engagement and interest compared to broader marketing channels.

Network with Industry Leaders and Potential Customers

AgriNext offers a unique opportunity to network with industry leaders, peers, and potential customers. By exhibiting, you can connect with other professionals and stakeholders in the agricultural industry, forging relationships that could lead to new business opportunities and partnerships. These connections can be instrumental in driving the growth and success of your business.

Showcase Your Agricultural Innovations

The AgriNext Awards Conference is an ideal platform to demonstrate your agricultural innovations. Exhibiting at the conference enables you to provide live demonstrations of your products, giving attendees a hands-on experience and a clear understanding of your technology’s benefits. This direct interaction can be crucial in convincing potential customers of the value of your innovations.

Attending AgriNext keeps you informed about the latest trends, technologies, and innovations in the agricultural sector. The conference is a hub for new ideas and developments, and by participating, you ensure that you are up-to-date with industry changes, helping you maintain a competitive edge in the market.

AgriNext will also feature an impressive lineup of speakers who are leaders in the agricultural sector. Here are some of the notable speakers.

Speaker List:

Srl NoNamePosition
1Ahmed ElmetwallyGeneral Manager, Private Office of Sheikh Tahnoon Bin Saeed Bin Tahnoon Al Nahyan
2Giovanni AngioliniDirector of Middle East & Africa for Dutch Greenhouse Delta
3Dr. Christina T. IgonoFounder/Chief Executive Officer
4Demir Murat AksoyCEO at Cropto Agriculture Tokens
5Khaled RadiFounder of Radi Farms
6Arun RasteManaging Director & CEO at NCDEX
7Nadine BenchaffaiVenture Builder Director
8Harold MeijerSenior Researcher at Wageningen University & Research
9Shashank KumarCo-Founder of Dehaat
10Dr. MJ KhanChairman ICFA
11Deepak PareekFounder of HnyB Tech – Incubations Pvt. Ltd
12Amit GroverFounder and Managing Partner of Grover & Company
13Megumi Avigail YoshitomiPresident of the Japan Association for Cellular Agriculture
14Abdel Rahman AlzubaidiCEO of lvvest
15Gaurav NarangFounder at CityGreens
16Hassan HalawyGeneral Manager of Elite Agro Projects
17Anas JawedChief Executive of Next Business Media and AgriNext awards, conference
18Shirley ShaharCo-Founder of DANA Venture Builder
19Dr. Reji Kurien ThomasCEO at TOL Biotech US
20Faissal SehbaouiManaging Director of AgriEdge
21Richard KohnGlobal Marketing Director & Head of External Relations at RedSea
22Hussein Al HusseinRegional Manager – MENA at Farm To Plate
23Youssef MamouFounder & Co-CEO at YolaFresh

Generate High-Quality Sales Leads

Exhibiting at AgriNext can significantly boost your lead generation efforts. The event draws a diverse range of attendees, including potential buyers who are interested in the latest agricultural technologies and solutions. By showcasing your products at the conference, you can capture the attention of these decision-makers, generating high-quality leads that have a strong potential to convert into sales.

Enhance Your Brand’s Visibility

Being part of the AgriNext Awards Conference enhances your brand’s visibility and credibility. Your presence at such a prestigious event positions your company as a leader in innovation within the agricultural sector. This recognition can have a lasting impact on your brand’s reputation and market position.

Exhibiting at the AgriNext Awards Conference is an excellent strategy to showcase your agricultural innovations to a targeted and engaged audience. The event provides unparalleled networking opportunities, the chance to stay current with industry advancements, and the ability to generate high-quality sales leads. If you aim to enhance your brand’s visibility and grow your business,  events like AgriNext Awards,Conference & Expo 2024 ,you should not miss.


The exhibitors at AgriNext are a testament to the dynamic and innovative nature of the agriculture industry. From sustainable farming practices and smart technology to urban agriculture and direct-to-consumer initiatives, these exhibitors are shaping the future of agriculture. Don’t miss the opportunity to see these and other groundbreaking innovations at AgriNext Awards conference & Expo – an event that promises to inspire and educate everyone involved in the agricultural sector.

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AgriNext Conference: Cultivating Innovation in Agriculture and Technology

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 The AgriNext Awards  Conference stands as a pinnacle assembly dedicated to propelling advancements in agriculture and technology. Engage with global leaders, forward-thinking entrepreneurs, and influential innovators as we unlock the potential of these sectors, fostering sustainable growth and forging lasting partnerships. 

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