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“Abdel Rahman Alzubaidi, CEO of Ivvest, to Speak at AgriNext Conference in Dubai”

AgriNext, the leading platform for agricultural innovation and sustainability, is thrilled to announce Abdel Rahman Alzubaidi, CEO of Ivvest, as a featured speaker at its upcoming conference in Dubai on 13-14 November 2024.Abdel Rahman Alzubaidi is an architect and passionate advocate for agriculture, with a diverse background in entrepreneurship, innovation, and project management. Holding the prestigious Project Management Professional (PMP) certification and an MBA with a thesis focused on indoor farming business modeling, Abdel Rahman brings over 8 years of expertise to the forefront of agritech innovation.

About Rahman Alzubaidi

Abdel Rahman’s journey into the agritech sector began over four years ago when he ventured into exploring open-field farming. Recognizing the potential of controlled indoor environments, he shifted his focus to indoor farming, founding Ivvest and becoming a leading voice in advocating for indoor farming business modeling and practices across the GCC region. Abdel Rahman’s insights and expertise have been sought after in prestigious events such as Inflavour 23, GVF 23, IFESA 23, and Step 22, where he has shared his vision for the future of agriculture and the transformative potential of indoor farming practices.

About Ivvest: Ivvest is dedicated to revolutionizing agriculture through indoor farming solutions. By leveraging controlled environments and innovative technologies, Ivvest aims to redefine the way crops are grown, ensuring optimal yields and sustainability while minimizing environmental impact. Abdel Rahman’s session at AgriNext promises to offer attendees valuable perspectives on the role of indoor farming in addressing global food security challenges and advancing sustainable agriculture practices.

AgriNext Conference stands as the foremost assembly of agricultural visionaries, influential thinkers, and policymakers committed to propelling sustainable advancements within the agricultural domain. By offering engaging keynote presentations, interactive panel dialogues, and avenues for networking, AgriNext strives to ignite collaborative efforts, nurture innovation, and instigate substantial change within worldwide food systems.

AgriNext Conference: Cultivating Innovation in Agriculture and Technology

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