Janet Baisie

My name is Janet Baisie, a 29 years old girl and I am a Ghanaian. There are dreams that one has as a child that cannot just be considered childhood daydreams. Such dreams inspire an individual’s every action and spur her on to surmount every challenge that life brings. My desire to become an Agriculturalist is one of such. I believe this programme will equip me to better contribute to improving the quality of life in my country and continent. I graduated from the University of Cape Coast with a Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture. During my undergraduate study, I worked extensively with the Ministry of Food and Agriculture in Ghana as an intern. My activities during my internship included assisting with the organisation of trainings for farmers. In these trainings, we did practical field demonstration of appropriate improved technologies and encouraged their adoption by farmers. And encouraging them to adopt sustainable agriculture In line with my interest, I currently work with GIZ/ Competitive Cashew initiative (GIZ/ComCashew) as a Technical Production Assistant. GIZ/ComCashew is a regional agricultural programme, financed by the German Government and other private stakeholders in the cashew sector, which focuses on making production and local processing of cashew in six (6) African countries more competitive. Through capacity building, provision of technical assistance, business development support and policy advisory services to farmers, cashew and by-product processors, and policy makers, the programme works along the entire value chain to make it more profitable to all actors in the chain. Aside these, I am a firm believer of problem solving as a way of improving communities and the livelihoods of people. In this vein, I have been involved in some community improvement programmes. A significant one to me is a project which involved a bimonthly clean-up exercise in my neighbourhood Finally, the values I learned from my parents and my work experience have cultivated in me hope, optimism, hard work, determination, service, integrity, resilience and a results-oriented attitude, which are paramount to realising my academic and professional goals during the thought program I earnestly look forward to your favourable response.

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