Titol	Houssam

Vertirocco is a pioneering startup based in Morocco, dedicated to transforming the agricultural landscape through the integration of aeroponic farming and the digitization of agricultural practices. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, Vertirocco aims to increase efficiency, sustainability, and productivity within Morocco's farming sector. The startup has garnered significant recognition, winning several prestigious awards and accolades from both local and international experts. These honors highlight Vertirocco's innovative approach and its potential to positively impact the future of agriculture. Co-founded by TITOL Houssam, a graduate in agriculture and animal farming with different experiences in the field of producing tomatoes for DUROC at Dakhla, Moroccan Sahara, Raspberry for ATLAS BERRY FARMS and BEAR BERRIES at Larache and Moulay Bouselham. He's currently occupying junior Agronomist role for a company in Morocco ROYAL AGRI MOROCCO with +400Ha of blueberries and managing +150 workers a day.

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2nd Day November 14, 2024
1st Day November 13, 2024