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Conferences Tackling Global Food Policy Challenges

Global food policy challenges are complex, encompassing issues such as food security, sustainability, climate change, and equitable food distribution.Conferences tackling global food policy challenges highlight the urgent need to ensure everyone has enough to eat in a changing world. These meetings bring together experts, leaders, and stakeholders from around the globe to discuss important issues like sustainable farming, climate change, and fair food distribution. By working together and sharing new ideas, these conferences help shape policies that aim to end hunger, promote sustainable agriculture, and create a strong food system for the future.

Report from IFPRI

The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) emphasizes the urgent need to ensure sustainable, healthy diets for all. Despite increased global commitment to improving nutrition, less than half of the world’s population consumes nutritious diets. Progress against malnutrition has stalled, and climate change’s impact on food systems is becoming more evident. Addressing malnutrition and unhealthy diets requires context-specific interventions across different regions:

Africa: Targeted strategies are needed to increase the supply, affordability, and consumption of healthy foods, especially for the vulnerable.

Latin America & Caribbean: Both demand- and supply-side solutions are necessary to tackle malnutrition and improve access to healthy diets.

Central Asia: Challenges include the high cost of healthy diets, lack of nutrition knowledge, unhealthy habits, and inadequate policies.

Middle East & North Africa: Multifaceted policies are required to boost food system resilience to frequent shocks that affect food prices and diet quality.

East & Southeast Asia: Policies must address malnutrition drivers such as rapid urbanization, income growth, and environmental changes.

South Asia: High malnutrition levels and rising noncommunicable diseases necessitate fiscal reforms to promote non-staple food production and consumption.

Conferences dedicated to addressing these challenges provide crucial platforms for experts, policymakers, farmers, and stakeholders to collaborate and develop solutions. Here’s an overview of some notable conferences that are making significant strides in tackling global food policy challenges

The Global Forum for Food and Agriculture (GFFA)


The Global Forum for Food and Agriculture is an international conference held annually in Berlin, Germany. It brings together agricultural ministers, policymakers, scientists, and industry representatives from around the world. The GFFA focuses on the future of global agriculture and food security, discussing issues such as climate-resilient farming, sustainable resource management, and innovative agricultural technologies. The forum facilitates high-level policy dialogues and fosters international cooperation.

The World Food Summit

Hosted by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, the World Food Summit is a pivotal event addressing global food security and nutrition.  The summit aims to mobilize political will and resources to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal of Zero Hunger. By bringing together leaders, experts, and stakeholders, the summit fosters collaboration and innovation to address global food policy challenges. This collective effort is essential for creating a world where everyone has access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food.

Norman E. Borlaug International Dialogue

Organized by the World Food Prize Foundation, the Borlaug Dialogue International Symposium is a premier event in the field of food and agriculture. Named after Nobel laureate Dr. Norman Borlaug, this symposium brings together global leaders to discuss innovations and policies that can improve food security and agricultural productivity. The event highlights breakthroughs in agricultural science, policy frameworks to support sustainable practices, and partnerships to combat hunger and poverty.

The EAT Stockholm Food Forum

The EAT Stockholm Food Forum is an influential conference that focuses on the intersection of food, health, and sustainability. Organized by the EAT Foundation, this forum brings together scientists, policymakers, business leaders, and civil society to discuss how to transform global food systems. Key discussions revolve around sustainable diets, reducing food waste, and promoting agricultural practices that protect the environment. The forum aims to drive action towards achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The International Conference on Agriculture and Food Security

This conference, often held in various global locations, provides a platform for researchers, policymakers, and practitioners to share knowledge and experiences on agricultural and food security issues. Topics covered include climate-smart agriculture, food supply chain management, and policy innovations to enhance food security. The conference promotes interdisciplinary research and collaboration to address the complex challenges of feeding a growing global population.

The Global Food Security Symposium

Hosted by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, the Global Food Security Symposium gathers international leaders to discuss strategies to end global hunger and malnutrition. The symposium focuses on policy recommendations, investment opportunities, and technological innovations to improve global food systems. It highlights the role of the private sector, government, and civil society in fostering sustainable food security solutions.

AgriNext’s Role in Tackling Global Food Policy Challenges

AgriNext is poised to play a significant role in addressing global food policy challenges through its upcoming seminars, awards, conferences, and expos focused on sustainable food production practices. By providing a platform for farmers, agri-entrepreneurs, policymakers, and industry experts to exchange knowledge and innovative ideas, AgriNext fosters collaboration and drives the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices.

These events will highlight cutting-edge techniques and solutions that can enhance food security, improve resource management, and promote environmental sustainability. AgriNext’s initiatives will contribute to the global dialogue on food policy, helping to shape strategies that address the complex issues facing the world’s food systems.


Looking forward, the knowledge and plans developed in these conferences will be key to global efforts to achieve food security. Ongoing conversation and action are crucial to solving the complex problems of food policy, ensuring that everyone has access to enough, safe, and healthy food.

By working together and making informed decisions, we can build a sustainable and fair food future for all. The summit aims to mobilize political will and resources to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal of Zero Hunger. By bringing together leaders, experts, and stakeholders, the summit fosters collaboration and innovation to address global food policy challenges. This collective effort is essential for creating a world where everyone has access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food.

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