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Propelling Sustainability Forward: Introducing Dr. Reji Kurien as a Speaker at the 2024 AgriNext Conference in Dubai”

Propelling Sustainability Forward: Introducing Dr. Reji Kurien as a Speaker at the 2024 AgriNext Conference in Dubai”

About Dr. Reji Kurien

Dr Reji Kurien Thomas is an avid aviator and hardened veteran, his journey with a career spanning over 32 years, blends relentless academic pursuit and unwavering commitment to global betterment. He is a visionary, empowering organisations as a Global Technology & Business Transformation Leader. Dr Thomas is a visionary pioneer of technology proliferation and passionate about innovative future sustainable technologies & policy development around United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

A STEM Leader, Marketing Doyen & Brand Ambassador with a diverse career journey in technological science & diverse streams of engineering. He was recognised as the “World’s Best & Emerging Leader,” and awarded at the House of Lords, UK in Oct 2022. Dr Thomas’s academic journey is a testament to his insatiable thirst for knowledge.

The former Naval Commander was handpicked from among the best globally and awarded the prestigious Stephen Hawking Royal award in Jan 2024, for his exemplary and innovative contributions to science A Harvard Leader of Excellence, he is also an extremely accomplished academician having undertaken eight doctorates and post doctorates from Universities-Institutions as distinguished as Stanford, Harvard, Wharton, Kent State USA, Oxford, IIT-Delhi India and SSBM Geneva in fields as diverse as Computer Science, Marine, Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering, Technological Science & Strategic Management. He also holds Fellowships from CASI USA in the fields of CSR & Sustainability as well as the Royal Society of Arts London.

With a distinguished career in the Indian Navy he has executed scores of critical projects in quantum science technologies, strategic communication, aviation, e-learning, intranets, satellite technology, encryption, technological sciences and engineering.

He has restructured infrastructure & network security policies for Tri-services & NSA under the Prime Minister of India and was commended at the highest echelons by the Government of India & lauded for Devotion to Duty.

He received the Transformation Leader Award at New Delhi in April 2023 for Excellence as a Transformational Leader and commendation for exemplary achievements and immense contribution to the growth of the Indian Economy.

As an innovation scientist he has invented & executed innovative Projects in Quasi-quantum photosynthesis to solve the world water crisis, producing water from air; as well as in systemic reclamation-remediation of degraded land for agriculture.

Collaborating with global agricultural bodies, Dr Thomas has introduced innovative farming techniques that not only boost yield but also ensure soil health and longevity. He is an inventor of several future- proof agri products including biostimulants, liquid fertilisers, soil rejuvenators, enzymes and a range of products for hydroponics, aeroponics and aquaponics. Dr Thomas’s vision extends beyond laboratories and research papers. His diverse CSR initiatives span from education and healthcare to environmental conservation.

His innovative approach to carbon metrics offers a roadmap for businesses globally, aligning with the pressing sustainability objectives of our era. He is an advocate of the use of Quantum computers to simulate the behaviour of complex climate systems with unprecedented accuracy.

Mr. Thomas will be speaking at the AgriNext Conference. AgriNext Conference is the premier gathering of agricultural innovators, thought leaders, and policymakers dedicated to advancing sustainable solutions in the agricultural sector.

Through dynamic keynotes, interactive panel discussions, and networking opportunities, AgriNext Conference aims to inspire collaboration, foster innovation, and drive meaningful impact in global food systems.

AgriNext Conference: Cultivating Innovation in Agriculture and Technology

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