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“Faissal Sehbaoui, Managing Director of AgriEdge, as a distinguished speaker at the upcoming conference in Dubai, 2024.”

About Faissal Sehbaoui

Faissal Sehbaoui brings a wealth of expertise and a deep-seated passion for leveraging technology to catalyze positive change in agriculture. Currently serving as the Managing Director of AgriEdge, a subsidiary of UM6P (Mohammed VI Polytechnic University), Faissal has steered the company’s operations beyond Morocco and Africa, establishing a global footprint with clients and partners spanning Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America.

At the helm of AgriEdge, Faissal stands as a pioneering figure in revolutionizing agricultural practices across the continent. His leadership in AgTech, characterized by extensive experience and visionary insight, aligns closely with the spirit of innovation and sustainability championed by the AgriNext Conference.

The conference acknowledges Faissal’s profound contributions to leveraging data, artificial intelligence, and agronomic sciences to empower African farmers, marking his presence as invaluable to the community.

Faissal’s journey into the forefront of AgTech is rooted in a diverse background encompassing risk analysis, data management, and engineering. Armed with an engineering degree in applied mathematics, he honed his skills over a decade in the banking and mining sectors before redirecting his focus towards agriculture.

In 2018, Faissal founded AgriEdge as part of an intrapreneurial program initiated by the Chairman and CEO of OCP Group.

Since its inception, AgriEdge has actively engaged in numerous programs and initiatives dedicated to promoting precision agriculture in Africa, including organizing innovation programs like the Farming Innovation Program (FIP) and international events such as Agri Carbon Day.

Within AgriEdge, Faissal has spearheaded the development of cutting-edge solutions that harness the power of data, artificial intelligence, and agronomic sciences to revolutionize farming practices. His unwavering commitment to fostering precision agriculture and empowering smallholder farmers mirrors the ethos of AgriNext.

Moreover, Faissal’s dedication extends beyond the boardroom, as he actively participates in various programs and initiatives aimed at promoting precision agriculture in Africa and encouraging smallholder farmers to embrace sustainable practices.

About AgriNext Conference

Faissal will be speaking at AgriNext Conference which stands as the foremost assembly of agricultural visionaries, influential thinkers, and policymakers committed to propelling sustainable advancements in the agricultural industry.

By featuring engaging keynote presentations, interactive panel discussions, and ample networking prospects, AgriNext strives to ignite collaborative efforts, encourage innovative approaches, and generate significant contributions to the global food system.

AgriNext Conference: Cultivating Innovation in Agriculture and Technology

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