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“Hussein Al Hussein, Regional Manager at Farm To Plate, to Address AgriNext Conference in Dubai on 13-14 November 2024”

About Hussein

Hussein stands as an accomplished expert in growth strategy and strategic partnerships, with a remarkable track record of driving innovation and transformation across various sectors within the Arab world. His leadership across multiple projects has not only spurred growth but also prioritized education, ensuring the efficient evolution of organizations in an ever-changing landscape. As the MENA Regional Manager at Farm To Plate, Hussein brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the forefront of agricultural innovation and technology. 

His influence transcends both public and private sectors throughout MENA countries, where he has been instrumental in introducing Farm To Plate’s cutting-edge technological solutions. Hussein’s pivotal role extends beyond his corporate responsibilities.

An active believer in global sustainability, he is a key member of the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment’s (MOCCAE) National Farm Sustainability Initiative (NFSI) taskforce, where he actively contributes to shaping sustainable agricultural practices in the region.

Additionally, he is a member of the esteemed Federation of UAE Chambers of Commerce & Industry and UAE’s International Chambers of Commerce, further highlighting his dedication to fostering collaboration and progress within the industry. 

Hussein’s endeavors are driving better local produce utilization, reduced food wastage, and improved community financial and ecological sustainability. He is also at the vanguard of the effort by the UAE to advance supply chain efficiency, move sourcing consummately to local producers for food industries, and address counterfeit produce concerns decisively.

About Farm To Plate: Farm To Plate is at the forefront of revolutionizing the agricultural landscape through innovative technological solutions.  With a focus on sustainability and efficiency, Farm To Plate’s initiatives aim to streamline processes and enhance productivity across the agricultural value chain.

Hussein’s session at AgriNext promises to offer invaluable perspectives on the intersection of technology, sustainability, and agriculture, shedding light on the transformative potential of strategic collaborations and innovative solutions in the industry.

AgriNext Conference stands as the foremost assembly of agricultural visionaries, influential thinkers, and policy shapers committed to propelling sustainable solutions within the agricultural domain. With vibrant keynote sessions, engaging panel conversations, and ample networking avenues, AgriNext seeks to ignite collaboration, cultivate innovation, and enact significant change within the worldwide food system.

AgriNext Conference: Cultivating Innovation in Agriculture and Technology

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 The AgriNext Awards  Conference stands as a pinnacle assembly dedicated to propelling advancements in agriculture and technology. Engage with global leaders, forward-thinking entrepreneurs, and influential innovators as we unlock the potential of these sectors, fostering sustainable growth and forging lasting partnerships. 

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