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Jasper van Halder to Speak at AgriNext Conference, Dubai, November 13-14, 2024

The AgriNext Conference, set to take place on November 13-14, 2024, in Dubai, is thrilled to announce Jasper van Halder, CEO of Agnition and member of the executive team at Ravensdown, as a distinguished speaker at the event. Jasper van Halder brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the AgriNext stage. As CEO of Agnition, a leading player in New Zealand’s agri-tech sector, and a member of the executive team at Ravensdown, one of the country’s largest farmer-owned cooperatives, Jasper is at the forefront of revolutionising agriculture for a better New Zealand.

About Jasper

Agnition, under Jasper’s leadership, focuses on incubating and investing in high-potential ventures that address real-world challenges in the agricultural sector. Their mission of “Smarter farming for a better New Zealand” is driven by a commitment to finding, building, growing, and investing in new technologies and solutions that enhance soil health and nutrient management in agriculture.

Prior to his role at Agnition, Jasper’s career spanned various industries and geographies. He served as an M&A lawyer in Europe and worked as an innovation and strategy consultant for McKinsey & Co in Asia, where he focused on driving growth, innovation, and performance across high-tech and agricultural sectors.

In his speaking engagement at the AgriNext Conference, Jasper will share insights on the intersection of science, business, and on-farm benefits in agriculture. He will delve into Agnition’s innovative approach to accelerating the adoption of new technologies in collaboration with farmers and growers across New Zealand.

As a board member, executive, and investor, Jasper leverages his multifaceted skill set to drive strategic decision-making and propel organizations towards growth and success. His educational background includes masters degrees in law, sociology, and business, reflecting his commitment to continuous learning and professional development.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Jasper finds joy in family life, residing in the picturesque town of Queenstown, New Zealand, with his wife and three children. Embracing the stunning natural surroundings, Jasper and his family actively engage in outdoor activities year-round, from summer sports to winter adventures, fostering a balanced lifestyle that complements his dynamic career in the agricultural sector.

Jasper van Halder’s strong leadership, strategic acumen, and unwavering commitment to driving innovation have solidified his reputation as a respected figure in the agricultural community. With a passion for advancing sustainable farming practices and supporting the growth of New Zealand’s agricultural sector, Jasper continues to make significant contributions to the industry, shaping a more prosperous and environmentally conscious future for farmers and growers across the country.

Jasper leads the charge in spearheading commercial innovation and growth initiatives. His primary focus lies in discovering, nurturing, and investing in cutting-edge technologies and solutions that advance the mission of ‘Smarter farming for a better New Zealand’ with a strong emphasis on soil health and nutrient management. Under his leadership, Agnition plays a pivotal role in supplying approximately 50% of all farmers and growers in New Zealand with essential nutrients, fertilizers, and seeds.

About AgriNext

The AgriNext Conference is a premier event that brings together thought leaders, innovators, and stakeholders from the agricultural industry to discuss the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities shaping the future of agriculture.We are delighted to have Jasper van Halder join us as a speaker at the AgriNext Conference. His expertise and vision for the future of agriculture align perfectly with the themes of our event, and we look forward to his valuable contributions.

AgriNext Conference is a premier event organized by InternetShine Technologies and Next Business Media, bringing together innovators in Agriculture Technology. This distinguished two-day conference features the esteemed Agriculture Tech Awards, engaging conference sessions, and a cutting-edge expo displaying innovative solutions.

The event celebrates trailblazers who are transforming farming practices, explores the latest advancements in agri-tech, and provides a platform to connect with industry leaders.

Attendees will witness the fusion of agriculture and technology, paving the way for a sustainable and advanced future in global farming. AgriNext Conference serves as the gateway to the forefront of agri-tech evolution, showcasing the synergy between agriculture and innovation

AgriNext Conference: Cultivating Innovation in Agriculture and Technology

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