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Richard Kohn, Global Marketing Director & Head of External Relations of iyris, to Speak at AgriNext Conference in Dubai

We are thrilled to announce that Richard Kohn, Global Marketing Director & Head of External Relations -of iyris, will be a keynote speaker at the upcoming AgriNext Conference, scheduled to take place in Dubai on November 13-14, 2024. 

About Richard Kohn

He said: “At iyris, our mission is clear: to feed the world sustainably through the power of technology. Continuing the story started by our esteemed co-founders, Professor Derya Baran, Dr. Ryan Lefers, and Professor Mark Tester, we are dedicated to pioneering innovative solutions that address global food security challenges while minimising environmental impact.

Under the iyris umbrella, sits our SecondSky brand, a range of transparent near-infrared radiation peak heat-blocking greenhouse covers embedded with the innovative, patented near-infrared radiation blocking nanocomposite developed by iyris.

Additionally, iyris Labs, our innovation engine, serves as the heart of our research and development efforts. Here, we push the boundaries of agricultural technology, exploring new ideas and refining existing ones to ensure we remain at the forefront of sustainable agriculture.

Through our integrated approach and unwavering commitment, iyris is leading the charge towards a more sustainable and food-secure future for all. Richard Kohn is respected for delivering actionable & game-changing marketing, branding, and positioning solutions by seeing the obvious beyond the obvious.

His track record includes more than 20 years of progressive operational responsibilities, delivering effective sales & marketing and brand solutions on an international scale.

A proven strategic multi-channel marketing & sales expert, he approaches the challenges of improving food security and developing sustainable solutions to serve a growing population with a passion to identify solutions that deliver measurable and rapid returns to growers. 

Richard Kohn is a passionate advocate for development and implementation of sustainable agricultural practices, to address the growing challenge faced by growers of increasing global temperatures driven by climate change.

Bringing technologies that are simple to implement, leverage growers capabilities and resourcefulness and deliver returns on investment well within the lifespan of the product through which they are developed is a key driver to shaping the future for farmers and their customers.  .

About AgriNext

The AgriNext Conference is a premier event that brings together leading experts, innovators, and stakeholders in the agricultural industry to discuss the latest trends, technologies, and challenges shaping the future of agriculture. We invite you to join us at the AgriNext Conference as Richard Kohn shares insights and perspectives on sustainable agriculture and the role of technology in shaping the future of food production.

AgriNext Conference: Cultivating Innovation in Agriculture and Technology

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