Ahmed G Soliman

Ahmed G Soliman is a distinguished figure in the field of in-silico Drug Design & immune-informatics. He has been serving as an instructor at ACGEB since October 3, 2021. His contributions to the scientific community have been recognized through numerous awards and recognitions. Career Highlights and Achievements: SOLE X: Ahmed secured the first place for his scientific projects in February 2024. GARN-CLS Conference at GUC: He received the Best Poster Award at the 1st GARN-CLS Conference in September 2023. Cellena 4th Scientific Conference for Biotech Science: Ahmed’s poster and research were awarded the first place in July 2023. Innovate Egypt Call3 Competition: He was among the top 10 awardees in 2023. ASU Innovation: Ahmed won the first place award in 2022. 1st Annual Conference of Post Graduate Studies for Applied Science - Benha University: He received the first place award in 2022. SOLE 2020: Ahmed secured the second place award for “case study analysis” and contributed to the competition with a poster entitled “Using DNA Origami binding Aptamers to enhance treatment of HCV Genotype 4”. Incubators for Innovators at the Research and Innovation Center: He received the second place award in 2018. SAKURA Exchange program member Ahmed is also associated with the iMole Bioinformatics lab for computational services and applications. He has been a speaker at TedX Benha University and IEEE El Fayoum Computer Science in 2022. He was a member of the Sakura Exchange Program (JST) in 2022. Research Identifications: Scopus ID: 58569160700 ResearcherID (WOS): ABE-8406-2021 Ahmed G Soliman’s contributions to the field of biotechnology and his achievements in various scientific projects demonstrate his dedication and commitment to advancing scientific knowledge.

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2nd Day November 14, 2024
1st Day November 13, 2024